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Service Club Membership

What is a Service Club Membership?

Many of our clients request us to provide regular, routine maintenance on their heating and cooling equipment. When enrolled in our Service Club Membership program, you receive a complete tune up and maintenance of your equipment during its season of use. 


  • Reduced heating and cooling costs - saving you money! 
  • Improved equipment efficiency - you get the most from your investment! 
  • Add years to equipment life - peace of mind! 
  • Improved dependability - comfort available when you want it! 
  • Protects your home - assures proper and safe equipment operation! 
  • Priority customer treatment - same day service in most cases! 
  • Membership is transferable - adds value to your home! 
  • Discount on repair service - save money on all necessary repairs! 
  • Emergency service 365 days a year - service at your convenience - not ours! 


  • Seasonal tune up of covered equipment. We come to your home 2 times per year. In the cooling season we tune your air conditioner, and in the heating season we tune your furnace. 
  • 15% discount off all repairs throughout the covered year. Includes compressor and heat exchanger. 
  • No overtime charged to Service Club Membership customers. 
  • Preferred customer treatment. Service Club Membership customers take top priority. 
  • Up to 1 lb. of refrigerant for air conditioners at no charge during tuneups only. 
  • After hours emergency service. Technicians are on call for after hours and weekend repairs. 
  • Peace of mind. Safety and efficiency will be monitored during each inspection.

Enjoy the convenience and peace-of-mind of our Service Club. As a Service Club Member you are our top priority. Day or night throughout the year and every kind of weather our Service Members know that we will be there for them because they always come first. Our Members also receive discounts on any materials required to repair out of warranty systems.
System Tune Up Includes:
  • Check and clean filter system.
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check air flow
  • Check safety controls
  • Check indoor evaporator coil, and blower wheel.
  • Check and clean drain pan and drain lines to prevent flooding.
  • Check refrigeration levels and pressures.
  • Clean outdoor condenser coil.
  • Monitor power consumptions.
  • Check all operating pressures.
  • Check and lubricate all bearings and components.
  • Check and calibrate thermostat.
  • Check heat exchangers for cracks.
  • Inspect ductwork for dirt & dust buildup. 
  • Carbon monoxide safety check
  • Clean pilot assembly 
  • Check burners and heat exchanger 
  • Adjust air and gas mixture 
  • Check pressure on gas valve 
  • Set blower control 
  • Set gas limit 
  • Check blower motor 
  • Check fan belt 
  • Check all safety controls 
  • Check vent for obstructions 
  • Lubricate all moving parts if necessary 
  • Check and adjust for proper temperature rise 
  • Check filters 
  • Check vent pipe for leaks 
  • Check all electrical connections 
  • Check voltage for proper amp draw 
  • Check evaporator coil if accessible 
  • Check for gas leaks 
  • Check heat strips (electrical furnaces) 
  • Check breakers and fuses for amp draw (electrical furnaces) 
  • Clean thermostat (electrical furnaces) 
  • Calibrate thermostat (electrical furnaces) 
  • Check for proper air flow (electrical furnaces) 
  • Check coolant (heat pumps) 
  • Check unit for proper cycling and adjust if needed (heat pumps) 
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