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  • Having your system maintainanced regularly will help; prolong the life of the unit, it run more efficiently and save you money on gas and electric bills. It will also help you save on repairs that can be prevented with this regualr maintenance. See our Service Club for details! 
  • Install a ceiling fan in the largest room of your house. This will allow you to lower the setting on your air conditioner 3 to 6 degrees, which will save up to 25% of energy costs of home cooling. (Be sure to reverse the fan rotation in winter to "clockwise"'.)
  • Clean filter screen once a month. This will reduce fan usage and save electricity.
  • When turning on your air conditioner, avoid using the coldest setting. Let the air conditioner warm up for a while before lowering the temperature setting. The room will cool just as fast.
  • Keep leaves and other debris off the condensing unit, and gently brush webs and dust from condensing coils. Ensure that airflow is not obstructed; allow 18" open space clearance from the condenser.
  • If buying a new air conditioner, choose a model with an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 10.0 or higher.

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Energy Saving Tips
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